Bilim Pharmaceuticals Supports Healthy Lifestyle

Almost the entire team of Bilim Pharmaceuticals Moldova was present at the football match played between Dacia Chişinău and FC Tiraspol. This match is important for the national football championship, the National Division. The presence of Bilim Moldova company members at this game was not at all accidental, especially after the company became involved in partnerships with clubs and sports associations in Moldova.

      Bilim has been supporting and keeps supporting, par excellence, healthy lifestyle through the actions they undertake annually by the domestic policy of the organization, urging people to exercise more because movement is life.

The direct involvement of Bilim Pharmaceuticals company in promoting healthy lifestyle is directly supported by the employees of the company. It is also reinforced by associating the brand image with sports associations and football clubs from the Republic of Moldova.

In the nearest future, our company plans to undertake more activities in order to follow the path chosen to promote amateur and professional sports.