Presentation of A-Ferin by Bilim Pharmaceuticals at Mother and Child Healthcare Center

The representatives of Bilim Pharmaceuticals in Moldova paid a visit to the public healthcare institution entitled Scientific Research Institute in the Field of Mother and Child Healthcare to hold a presentation and familiarize prospective patients with the product called A-Ferin.

Taking into account that we are one step away from autumn, when the number of colds rises noticeably, we felt that providing information about the efficiency of A-Ferin is more than topical. Being used to treat the symptoms of flu and colds, as well as those of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, angina, bronchitis and pneumonia, A-Ferin is a proficient drug for patients of any age.

The employees of our company were heartily greeted by the Mother and Child Healthcare Center patients, who showed great interest in the properties of the product that was presented.

The employees of Bilim Pharmaceuticals thoroughly explained all product features to the audience, describing the benefits of administering A-Ferin—a genuine helper against colds.

Events such as the presentation held at the Mother and Child Healthcare Center are very beneficial for patients of various local medical institutions, as they offer them basic instructions regarding the products of Bilim Pharmaceuticals.