We reach our candidates through many different channels. The instruments that we most intensively use are “Sunshine”, our corporate candidate database, as well as career portals, consultancy companies and professional network sites. After applying to Bilim Pharmaceuticals, candidates are evaluated by our competent Human Resources team in line with our catalogues, “Qualifications” and “Capabilities”.

According to the specifications of the vacant position, our Human Resources team includes the candidates in “capability-based evaluation” processes. At this stage, in addition to interviews, evaluation center practices, personality tests, general talent tests, foreign language tests and knowledge evaluation exams are carried out.

Each candidate who successfully completes all of these processes is offered a job. As a result of the final interview, feedback is provided to those candidates who have not been deemed suitable for the position in question. Each candidate is informed of the results of the recruitment process in private.

Instruments used during the recruitment process are:

Capability-Based Interviews: We aim to determine the capabilities of our candidates and whether they fit the vacant position based on their previous work experience or their behavioral patterns in the face of different problems. We apply the capability-based interview technique for all non-blue-collar positions. All of our executives involved in the recruitment process have already received training on the capability-based interview technique.

Standard Interviews: The standard interview technique is applied to ensure that those candidates who apply for the blue-collar positions in particular express themselves more comfortably. When necessary, the capability-based interview technique is also applied for blue-collar candidates.

General Talent Tests: We apply the General Talent Test for the recruitment of Medical Representatives. The General Talent Test that comprises of two parts – quantitative and verbal – aims to measure visual perception rate, reasoning, working memory, numeric speed-accuracy and dimensional orientation performance. The quantitative section of the test evaluates that the capabilities of our candidates in interpreting statistical tables and data, while the verbal section evaluates how they understand various expressions and ideas and how they interpret the logic behind them.

Attention Measuring Tests:
These are the tools that are used to measure the following capabilities of our blue-collar candidates: paying attention to details, perception, concentration, visual comparison, realizing visual instructions, ability to recognize failures, etc.

Interest Inventory: Tests that measure the interests and behaviour of the candidates aim to evaluate our candidates’ emotional, intellectual, behavioural and professional tendencies and their behaviour in various situations.

Motivation Inventory: It is a tool used to measure how eager and interested our candidates are for the positions they are evaluated for.

Professional Personality Inventory: It is an inventory that is used to understand how our candidates work in any business environment, how they react under challenging circumstances, and how they cope with the problems.

Professional Knowledge Tests: This method is predominantly used in our Quality Control and R&D departments that require highly technical knowledge and expertise. The candidates, who are university graduates and who are defined within the framework of the “Qualifications” category, are given education on general chemistry and chromatography.


Within the framework of our Evaluation Centre practice, we make use of talent kits that are included in our Corporate Capability Catalogue and established separately for each position. Candidates, who meet the qualification requirements of the position they have applied for, are considered within the framework of our Evaluation Centre practice. We perform the evaluation of the requirements of the respective position with our competent professional evaluators, who are experienced in behaviour monitoring, and by making use of a variety of internationally recognized and reliable tools.


At our Company, we apply the Marketing Trainee program, which is designed to raise Product Managers for our organization. New university graduates or all candidates with up to 1 year of work experience may apply for the Marketing Trainee program. At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, those employees who began their careers as Marketing Trainees are involved in the orientation program, whose term may vary from 6 months to 1 year, and appointed as Product Managers depending on their performance.