We hire workers that have the potential to shape our future

We uphold the principle of equal opportunities in hiring job candidates who are focused on team spirit and values, and who are competent, who possess knowledge and development potential to carry our company into the future.

We prepare opportunities for training and development

We ensure that the current and future competency requirements of our company are met by preparing opportunities for improvement that will develop the competencies of our employees by means of our concepts regarding constant training, innovation and improvement.

We consider all our employees to be skilled

We consider each of our employees to be a skilled leader of her/his job, whereby we formulate a participative work environment that will reveal and develop their potential by means of preparing opportunities for their individual development.

We encourage our employees to exhibit their finest performance

While we encourage our employees to exhibit higher levels of performance, we evaluate their performance fairly and objectively, and ensure that their personal goals are in line with those of our company.

We encourage participation and communication and celebrate the contributions of our employees in unison

We encourage our employees to get involved in all types of innovative and creative undertakings as well as having them make contribution in studies based on individual and team improvement. Moreover, we organize in-house corporate communications activities in order to foster dialogue between our company and our employees as well as honoring contributions in unison.

We get strength from our families

We consider our families to be as much an inseparable part of our organization as our employees who are the determining factor in successfully achieving our company’s targets.