Offering a wide array of products, Bilim Pharmaceuticals performs its production activities at its plants in Gebze and Çerkezköy.

Designed and built in compliance with FDA standards, Bilim’s Production Plant in Gebze entered operation in 2008. At the plant, products are manufactured in solid (tablet, film covered tablet, sugarcoated pill, capsule, dry powder, suspension), liquid and pomade forms. The plant has a manufacturing capacity of 250 million boxes in two shifts. The plant was approved by the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in 2009.

Having entered operation in 1998, the Bilim Çerkezköy Production Plant has an annual manufacturing capacity of 44 million boxes in two shifts. Penicillin Oral Solid and Penicillin Injectable products are manufactured at the plant. The plant was approved by the German Ministry of Health in 2006.