Take responsibility for a more livable world...

We all now know that we could individually provide a tremendous contribution by introducing some changes in our lifestyles for a sustainable world, which we can leave to future generations. In a rapidly flowing course of time, our world gets ill and old just like any of us. It is obvious that our earth, which alerts because of the developing technology and our consumption habits, will not be able to host us anymore if we continue to live and consume the same way that we are…

We are all responsible for the present condition of our world. Well then, what can we do to improve the situation? Each country, each company and each individual in the community has to adapt change and fulfill what is expected from them. Now, there is one thing that is quite clear. We can no longer conduct business and maintain our lives with our current consumption habits…

The world’s most famous leaders, who came together for the document, Vision 2050, prepared by the Business Council for Sustainable Development, have clearly expressed the following: “It is quite obvious that the business making model that we are used to will not be sustainable and will not provide economic and social prosperity. We can only reach sustainability and economic and social prosperity, if and only if we make radical changes starting now!”1

As a social corporate citizen, Bilim Pharmaceuticals, with such understanding, has been taking pains, particularly since 2009, to realize important projects…

The understanding, “Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability”, which is a part of our corporate culture, motivating us to perform better and be a leader regarding this matter. We carry out efforts together with our employees to raise social awareness of our suppliers and customers. This process contributes to our corporate development on one hand, while it makes us responsible individuals, families and societies on the other. This way, we also became the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

I would like to explain some of our activities, each of which I am proud of:

  • We were the first pharmaceutical company to sign the Global Compact in 2010;
  • We were the first company in Turkey to publish the first GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)-approved level A Corporate Responsibility Report in 2011. Last year, we published the Turkish pharmaceutical sector’s first Corporate Responsibility Report.
  • We publish our carbon footprint report every year, another first in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on this report, we prepare and implement improvement plans every year in order to measure our environmental impact and to effect the necessary improvements.
  • Having entered operation as a green building, our Bilim Gebze production plant was deemed worthy of the Environmental Award given by the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, a situation that confirms our efforts.

Each of us has the power to affect who is around us… For this reason, it is very important to increase our knowledge in sustainability on every occasion.

Please take responsibility for yourself, your family, the environment, the community and mankind, and most importantly for a sustainable world…

With my best wishes,
Dr. Erhan BAŞ