Bilim Pharmaceuticals develops drugs that maintain human health and provide treatment. The company produces these drugs at its
modern and high-tech facilities at international standards.
By actualizing the publicity and marketing of its drugs in domestic and foreign markets with focus on the client, the company enables
availability of medicines along with customer satisfaction at the highest level.
It achieves fertile, profitable and sustainable growth through the experience it gained as a rooted corporation which has adopted the
Idea of quality of life as a life philosophy, and the value it places on people and human life, as well as Its collaborations maintained
through development and its dedication to change.
The highest possible level is attained in employee commitment and satisfaction through innovative human resources systems and an
organizational structure open to learning with the awareness that competent employees will be a driving force in competition.
It protects natural resources and the environment with its awareness of social responsibility, places importance on ethical values, and
contributes to the social and economic development of society.


To be one of the top two companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical market and to achieve the highest level of exports of any domestic
producer of medicines by the end of 2014.


Happiness of Humans
We know that the quality of life goes by the happiness of humans. We think that efficiency of our staff reflects on the happiness of our customers. We  believe that concept of respect for human is the most important ring of this chain.

Respect for the future generations
We know that we have the responsibility against the world. We think that all earthy resources mainly water and energy must be used in a rational way. We believe in the essentiality of contributing to society economically, ecologically and sociologically.

Management through ethical principles
We all know the importance of the triangle of Justice, accountability and transparency. We think that acting ethically constitutes the backbone of our decision-making processes, and national and global laws and rules have to be abided by. We believe in the value of laying our head on the pillow with a clear conscience.

We know that the only thing that does not change is the change itself. We think that change does not just mean to be open for innovations; however, differentiation and progress come along change. We believe that we have to improve and develop our business constantly through the principle of excellence.

Passion for success
We all know that passion is the first step for a success journey. We think that being solution-oriented and having a positive character will take us to the greatest success. We believe that each sun-rise is the messenger of a new success.