As a “deeply rooted” corporation, Bilim Pharmaceuticals, in line with its mission, attaches importance to people and human health; adopts quality as a philosophy of life; makes use of advanced technologies; performs production at international standards; develops economic products; and is customer-oriented and open to continuous development.

Proiectul social organizat in sectia de psihiatrie

Bilim Pharmaceutical Representative Office of Moldova, with full support of Senior Area Sales Manager Mr. Mutlu Memiş, organized a social Project in Children’s Department of Psychiatry Republican Clinical Hospital in Chisinau.

Proiectul social de la Crihana Veche

Social project developed by Bilim Pharmaceuticals in the boarding school from Crihana Veche, on September 20, 2012


Proiectul social de la Rezina

The social project with the title “We care”, organized at the Auxiliary School in Rezina, in 2011, by Turkish company Bilim Pharmaceuticals.


Proiectul social “Cupa Prieteniei” de la Rezina

Charitable social project "Friendship Cup" organized by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Moldova in strategic partnership with football team FC Dacia Chisinau in boarding school from Rezina, for children with intellectual deficiency. May, 2013


A-ferin Hot, (Bilim Pharmaceuticals) advertising highlight.


Video advertising for pharmaceutical product Flaton (Bilim Pharmaceuticals).


Sekrol (Bilim Pharmaceuticals) advertising- promotional video


Video advertising for Terbonile (Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Turkey)